New York salmon bagel

New York salmon bagel



For 10 servings

Gravad lax

1300 g salmon

100 g sugar

50 g salt

2 lemons

75 g dill

20 g coriander seeds

10 g black pepper

5 g fennel seeds

3 g Juniper berries


800 g Debic Cream cheese

10 bagels

2 tomatoes

20 g capers

100 g red onion

40 g dill


Trim the salmon and pierce the skin of the salmon across the whole fillet to make sure some moisture can leak out of the salmon whilst marinating. Grate the rind of the two lemons and mix in a blender with all the other ingredients. Cover the salmon in the salt, sugar and spice mixture an leave to marinate in the fridge for 2 days. Rinse and pat dry. Trim off the skin and fatty darker parts of the salmon and leave to dry in the fridge for another day to obtain the perfect texture.


If necessary bake of the bagels. Slice open and spread the cream cheese on both end of the bagel. Slice the salmon very thinly and put on top of the bagel bottom that was spread with cream cheese. Arrange a slice of tomato, capers, dill and finely sliced onion rings on top and serve.