Pandan Baked Cheesecake

By Chef Loi Ming Ai

Pandan Cheesecake Coconut

Loi Ming Ai


For 1 servings

Pandan chiffon

127.5 g egg yolk

127.5 g whole egg

30 g inverted sugar

127.5 g oil

85 g pandan milk

1 nos vanilla pod

204 g flour

17 g corn starch

6 g baking powder

319 g egg white

200 g sugar

Pandan baked cheese

218 g cream cheese

31 g Debic Crème Butter

61 g pandan milk

17 g gula Malacca

1 nos vanilla pod

52 g egg white

38 g sugar

44 g mascarpone

39 g egg yolk

1.5 g NB pectin

8.5 g corn starch

1 g salt


132.5 g coconut puree

1/2 nos vanilla pod

22.5 g gula Malacca

20 g gelatin mass

280 g Debic Whipping Cream

60 g mascarpone

Pandan milk

30 g pandan leaves

200 g milk


160 g pandan milk

100 g coconut milk

60 g gula Malacca

1/2 nos vanilla pod

50 g sugar

50 g glucose syrup

20 g inverted sugar

1.5 g sea salt

100 g egg yolk

5 g corn starch

25 g butter

50 g mascarpone


Pandan chiffon

Mix egg yolk, whole egg, and inverted sugar over a bain-marie to 36 ˚C, then add in oil, pandan milk and vanilla bean.

In a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment, prepare a French meringue with egg white and sugar.

When the meringue has achieved a firm peak, fold in the egg yolk mixture, followed by the dry ingredients.

On a tray, bake at 160˚C for 10 minutes.

Pandan baked cheese

Blend together the cream cheese, mascarpone, butter, pandan milk, egg yolk, gula Malacca, NH pectin, corn starch, vanilla bean, and salt.

Heat the mixture over a bain-marie to 38 ̊C, then fold in French meringue.

For 2 nos of mix, bake at 90˚C for 25 minutes.


In a saucepan, heat coconut puree with vanilla bean and gula Malacca to 36 ˚C.

Add in melted gelatin, then emulsify with whipping cream and mascarpone.

Preserve in the chiller overnight.


Blend milk with pandan leaves together, and infuse in the chiller overnight.


In a saucepan, cook pandan milk with coconut milk, vanilla bean, Gula Malacca, sugar, glucose syrup, inverted sugar, sea salt, egg yolk and corn starch together until it’s lefts 490g, then emulsify with butter and mascarpone.

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