Pappardelle with rucola pesto

Cream plus


For 10 servings

Rucola pesto

250 g rucola

100 g Parmesan cheese

50 g pine nuts

1 clove garlic

50 ml Olive oil extra Vergine

5 g salt


800 g Pappardelle

300 ml Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

100 g rucola

100 g Parmesan cheese



Slightly roast the pine nuts.

Blanche the rucola for 3 seconds and cool down on ice water.

Squeeze out all the excess water and put in a blender with the pine nuts, cheese and garlic.

Add the olive oil and mix into a fine mesh emulsion.

Store in an airtight container.


Cook the papardelle al dente and mix in the pesto.

Arrange onto a plate and drizzle some Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone on top.

Garnish with Parmesan slivers and fresh rucola.

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