Pepper cream sauce

An inspirational recipe for pepper cream sauce with Debic Culinaire Original - for 1 litre

Main course sauce Pepper


Pepper cream sauce

1000 ml Debic Culinaire Original

1000 ml white veal fond

200 g green peppercorns

300 ml brandy

100 ml white wine vinegar


Beurre rouge

1000 ml red wine

200 ml ruby port

200 ml beef demi-glace

2 g thyme

1 bay leave

20 g shallots

2 g salt

0.5 g msg

200 g Debic Traditional Butter


Pepper cream sauce

Add the brandy to a pot and bring to the boil. Flame off the alcohol.

Add the vinegar and peppercorns and reduce by half.

Add the veal fond and reduce by half.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original. Reduce by one third of the volume.

Pass through a sieve and season the sauce with salt.

Beurre Rouge

For the beurre rouge, put the port and wine in a pot and flame off the alcohol, add the rest of the ingredients and reduce to a syrup texture.

Emulsify with the butter and keep warm.

Finishing touch

Serving suggestions

Pour the cream sauce into the centre of the plate.

Garnish the plate with the red wine reduction and beef demi-glace.

Dress the beef on top of the sauce and serve with the other garnishes.