Pistachio and Raspberry Roll

A recipe for viennoiserie filled with pistachio cream and raspberries.

Viennoiserie Lunch Brunch


Pistachio filling

300 ml Debic Cream 40%

775 ml Full-fat milk

240 g Egg yolk

180 g Sugar

75 g Corn starch

150 g Pistachio paste


Pistachio filling

Heat the Debic Cream 40%, milk, egg yolk, sugar and pistachio paste to make a crème pâtissière.

Pour this mixture into the silicone moulds and store in the refrigerator.


Roll out the pieces of dough to 4 mm thick and cut into squares (8 cm x 8 cm).

Rising time: +/- 50 minutes, 27degreesC, 80% humidity.

Just before baking, add a layer of pistachio filling to each of the dough squares and then fold over.

Make sure the edges of the dough are sealed properly.

Bake at 220degreesC for 16 - 17 minutes.

Finishing touch

Garnish with icing sugar, raspberry jelly and fresh raspberry.