Profiteroles with Debic Sweetened Cream

Dessert Puff Cream



165 g Milk

165 g Water

5 g Salt

8 g Sugar

165 g Debic Cake Gold

360 g Flour

600 g Eggs

Crème pâtissière with condensed cream

1000 g Debic Sweetened Cream

1000 g Milk

220 g Sugar

90 g Corn starch

120 g Egg yolk 1

20 g Eggs

100 g Debic Dairy Butter Constant

Pear brunoise

1000 g Pears

2 Vanilla pods



Make a standard choux dough and pipe the profiteroles onto a Silpat(r) (+/- 80).

Bake in the oven at 200°C for 18 minutes.

Crème pâtissière with condensed cream

Gently cook the Debic Sweetened Cream for 1.5 hours until it is a thick paste (weighing 250 grams).

Make a standard pastry cream using the milk, sugar, eggs, egg yolk and corn starch.

Add the Debic Butter and stir until smooth.

Add the condensed cream and mix carefully.

Pear brunoise

Peel and dice the pears.

Scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pods and mix both the pods and the seeds with the pear.

Leave to infuse for a few hours.


Fill the profiteroles with the crème pâtissière.

Start with a layer of the diced pear.

Then pipe a nice tuft of the crème pâtissière on top.

Put the profiteroles on top of that.

Finishing touch

Finish with a nice tuft of whipped Debic Sweetened Cream and a few drops of caramel sauce.