Red velvet chocolate chip cookie

Red velvet chocolate chip cookie

Cream cheese cookies Red velvet


For 25 servings

Red velvet chocolate chip cookie

215 g Debic Cake Butter

320 g flour

5 g bakingsoda

6 g maizena

30 g cocoa powder

5 g salt

165 g Brown sugar

100 g white sugar

120 g egg’s

10 g red food coloring

5 g vanilla sugar

150 g white chocolate shavings


300 gr Debic Creamcheese


Mix the Debic cake butter with the two types off sugar

Add the eggs mixed with food coloring

Ziff the flour, vanilla sugar and cornstarch and mix in

Add the chocolate flakes

Cover the dough and storage it in the cooling

Roll out the dough at 5 mm and stick it out with 8 cm round cutters

Pipe a dot of soft Debic Creamcheese on it and cover with a douch slice

Cool the cookies in the freezer for 3 hours before baking

Before baking, brushed thinly with whole egg


Bake off 15 to 18 minutes at 180 °C

Finishing touch

Let cool and finish with fondant lime zest and chocolate shavings