Red velvet choux

Red velvet choux

Cream cheese Mono portions Finger food


Choux puf dough

350 g milk

150 g water

10 g salt

10 g sugar

200 g Debic butter Brioche

300 g flour

500 g whole eggs

Streusel craquelin

225 g Debic butter Brioche

270 g blond cassonnade sugar

270 g flour

7 g corn starch

Red coloring agent

Red fruit coulis

385 g red fruit puree (Boiron)

75 g sugar

60 g gelatin mass (1:5)

Cream cheese decoration

750 g Debic Cream Cheese

75 g icing sugar

275 g Debic Cream 35%


Heat the milk with the water, sugar , salt and butter untill all the butter is completely melted and the mixture is boiling. Remove from the heat and dry mix in the sifted flour until it forms a dough. Bring over in a mixing bowl and let the machine run in first gear until the temperature of the dough has dropped to about 60°C. Gradually beat in the eggs without whipping. Pipe round choux on a baking tin, place on the craquelin discs and bake at 160 to 170°C .

Mix all ingredients into a homogeneous dough. Keep aside in the refrigerator. Roll out at 1,5 mm and cut out the needed circles. Place on the piped choux and bake.

Heat 100 g of the puree with the sugar. Melt in the gealtin mass and combine with the remaining puree. Mix thoroughly and portion in small silicon molds. Freeze.

Soften the Debic cream cheese, add the sugar and the liquid cream. Whip until soft peak structure.


Cut the baked choux and refine the baked lids with a round cutter. Place in the frozen coulis. Pipe the whipped filling in the choux and close them gently.