Rice-Lychee-Strawberry Lipstick

A lipstick creation with lychee and strawberry, based with rice-crunchy

Rice Lychee Strawberry


For 19 servings


40 g cocoa butter

30 g grape seed oil

20 g almond flour 100%

20 g grated coconut

60 g rice balls

1 lemon zest and juice


250 g lychee purée

45 g sugar

10 g pectin NH

15 g lime juice


680 g strawberry purée

14 g pectin NH

20 g inulin powder

200 g sugar

800 g Debic Vegantop


150 g water

7 g lemon juice

40 g white syrup

80 g sugar

16 g pectin coating


Strawberry pieces

Dried rose petals

Marzipan balls


Rice-crunchy base

Mix the grapeseed oil with the almond flour and grated coconut.

Melt the cocoa butter and mix in.

Then mix in the lemon zest and rice balls.

Divide over 11 x 4 cm oval moulds.

Place in the freezer and leave to set.

Lychee filling

Heat the lychee purée to 40°C and add the pectin, mixed with the sugar.

Heat to 85°C and add the lemon juice.

Divide over small round moulds and freeze.

Strawberry mousse

Heat the strawberry purée to 50°C and mix in the sugar, pectin and inulin powder using a hand mixer.

Then heat to 85°C.

Whip the Vegantop until light and airy and add to the strawberry purée when it’s 50°C.

Neutral jelly

Boil the water, lemon juice and white syrup.

Mix the pectin with the sugar, add this to the mixture and boil for 3 minutes.

Pour out and let it cool.


Pipe three small dots on the rice-crunchy base.

Press a lychee filling onto each dot.

Pipe a large dot of strawberry mousse on top and freeze.

Pass through the neutral 35°C jelly.

Finally, decorate with strawberry pieces, dried rose petals and marzipan balls.