Roe Deer

Roe Deer with red cabbage, polenta and pickled kohlrabi.

Lets go Wild Roe deer Bitter cocoa sauce


For 10 servings

Roe Deer

1800g roe deer, racks

150g pork fat, salted

10ml olive oil

50g thyme

100ml Debic Roast and Fry

15g sea salt

Bitter cacao sauce

200ml game stock

15g chocolate, 100%

25g butter

Red cabbage

500g red cabbage

100g shallots

200g Golden Reinette apples

100g butter

50ml white wine vinegar

100ml red Shiraz wine

50g granulated suger

10g salt

5g five-spice powder

Pickled kohlrabi

2 kohlrabi

250ml water

125ml rice vinegar

90g sugar

7g salt

Chestnut tuiles

250g chestnut purée, sweetend

35g butter

50g all-purpose flour

100g egg whites

4g sea salt


500g cornmeal

1500ml water

500ml Debic Culinaire Original 20%

15g salt


Roe deer

Clean the roe deer cutlets. Pluck the thyme leaves, chop finely and mix with the olive oil. Cut the pork fat into thin strips and mix with the thyme leaves. Freeze the strips of bacon and lard the meat using a larding needle. Cut the red cabbage into long, wide strips, dice the apples and chop the shallots very finely. Sweat the shallots in the butter, deglaze with the wine and add the rest of the ingredients. Cook the red cabbage in the liquid and allow to cool. Clean the kohlrabi and chop using a Spirali cutter. Put the kohlrabi into a preserving jar and cover with the hot mixture of water, rice vinegar, sugar and salt. For the best possible taste, leave the liquid to infuse through the kohlrabi for at least one week. Store in the refrigerator. To make the tuiles, mix the chestnut purée, butter and flour in the planetary mixer with the butterfly whisk attachment. Add the egg whites and salt last. Leave in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour and then bake in a hot oven at 160°C for 20 minutes. Bring the water and the cream to the boil, cook the polenta in it and pour into a mould. Cool and cut into thick polenta chips.

Finishing touch

Cook the meat for 30 minutes at 54°C and keep it warm. Heat the stock, mix with the chocolate and add the butter. Warm the red cabbage and simmer the kohlrabi in the butter. Fry the polenta for 4-5 minutes at 180°C. Sauté the roe deer racks in Debic Roast and Fry, season with pepper and salt, and cut into portions. Dress the dish as shown in the photo or as you prefer.