Saint-Honoré 2.0 with salted caramel

Creation of Raphaël Giot

Saint-Honoré Raphaël Giot Salted caramel


For 3 servings

Dough for puffs

200 ml milk

225 ml water

160 g Debic Cake Gold butter

5g salt

5g sugar

260 g flour

500 g eggs


45 g milk chocolate

25 g Debic Cake Gold butter

265 g praline paste

160 g puffed rice

tempered milk chocolate

salted caramel

100g sugar

70g glucose

40g water

15g Debic Cream butter

3g salt

100 g Debic Whipped cream without sugar


250 g milk

60 g egg yolk

50 g sugar

20 g cornstarch

caramel cream

100 g pastry cream

100 g salted caramel

300 g Debic Whipped cream without sugar


chocolate circles


Dough for puffs

Bring the milk to the boiling point along with the water, the Debic Cake Gold butter, salt and sugar. Remove from the heat and add the sifted flower. Let it dry on a low flame. Add the eggs little by little.

Pipe small puffs using a piping bag n° 10. Bake at 200 °C for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of oven.


Crispy bottom of puffed rice with milk chocolate

Melt the milk chocolate and add the Debic Cake Gold butter. Mix the chocolate with the praline paste and add the puffed rice. Spread out into rectangles 9 x 28 cm long and 1 cm high. Let harden.

Then top with the tempered milk chocolate. Keep.

Salted caramel

Boil the sugar, glucose and water to a golden blond caramel. Deglaze with the Debic Cream butter and the salt and add the whipped Debic Whipped Cream without sugar.


Bring the milk to the boil, beat the egg yolks white with the sugar and add the cornstarch. Add the beaten egg yolks to the milk and bring to the boil. Keep.

Caramel cream

Mix the pastry cream with the salted caramel. Add the whipped Debic Whipped Cream without sugar.

Garnish the puffs with the caramel cream. Keep the rest of the cream in a piping bag for the finishing touch.


Place the finished puffs on the crispy bottom. Dress with sugared whipped cream and cover with the chocolate circles.

Arrange the caramel cream between the puffs.