With a crispy base, chocolate joconde, passion fruit cremeux, hazelnut creme, chocolate mousse Sao Thomé and a decoration of marshmellows

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For 6 servings

Chocolate joconde ( 2 trays 60/40 cm)

240 g egg yolk

90 g sugar (1)

90 g almond powder 100%

90 g icing sugar

85 g flour

50 g cacao powder

210 g egg white

90 g sugar (2)

85 g Debic butter Crème

Crispy bottom

230 g hazelnut praliné 50%

160 g white chocolate

130 g feuilletine

Crèmeux of passion fruit

500 g puree of passion fruit

150 g egg yolk

190 g egg

125 g sugar

200 g Debic Butter Crème

10 g gelatin powder

50 g water

Hazelnut cream

200 g Debic Cream Stand & Overrun

300 g hazelnut praliné 50%

2 g gelatin powder

10 g water

Chocolate mousse Sao Thomé

500 g sugar

175 g water

125 g egg

450 g egg yolk

1000 g dark chocolate Sao Thomé

1850 g Debic cream Stand & Overrun

Marsh mellow decoration

250 g sugar

70 g inverted sugar (1)

80 g water

110 g inverted sugar (2)

18 g gelatin powder

100 g water


Chocolate joconde ( 2 trays 60/40 cm)

Whisk the egg white with the sugar (2). In another mixer combine, egg yolk, sugar (2), almond powder , icing sugar and flour and mix during 8 à 10 minutes. Fold in the meringue and the melted butter. Spread over 2 baking trays and bake at 210°C during 7 minutes.

Crispy bottom

Melt the chocolate and mix with the praline and feuilletine. Spread on a baking paper and let crystallize.

Crèmeux of passion fruit

Hydrate the gelatin powder and the water. Combine the puree with the sugar, eggs and egg yolk and bring to 84°C (anglaise). Add the gelatin mass and cool down until 35 à 38°C. Mix in the butter with a hand blender. Portion in Silpat, 14 cm diameter

Hazelnut cream

Heat the cream until 85° C and mix in the hazelnut praliné. Add the melted gelatin mass, combine and keep overnight in the refrigerator.

Chocolate mousse Sao Thomé

Bring the water and the sugar to a boil (121°C) and pour over the eggs and egg yolk. Start whisking on medium speed until a foamy mixture. ( pâte à bombe) Melt the dark chocolate and mix with the ‘pâte à bombe’ . Fold in the semi whipped cream and portion in the prepared circles.

Marsh mellow decoration

Combine, sugar, inverted sugar (1) and water and bring to a boil ( 110°C) Melt the gelatin mass and combine with the inverted sugar (2) Start whipping. Add the boiled sugar mixture and keep on whipping until cold. Pipe on baking paper and sprinkle with sugar, charcoal and gold scintillant. Let it dry for 36 hours.


Cut out the crispy bottom and stick on the joconde bottoms ( 14 cm diameter) Bring in half of the chocolate mousse. Place the frozen passion insert and use a second layer of joconde sponge. Spread the praline cream and continue with the chocolate mousse. Freeze.

Finishing touch

Unmold the circles and glaze them with a dark cacao glaze ( basic recipes) Decorate with a Halloween pumpkin and the black marsh mellow.