Shrimp croquettes

Serves 18 croquettes

Debic Croquette Salpicon
Shrimp croquettes - photo1 | Debic


For 18 servings


125 g Debic Traditional Butter

185 g flour

400 ml shrimp or lobster stock

200 ml Debic Culinaire Original

12 g gelatin sheets


450 g grey shrimps

20 g chives

20 g flat parsley

salt, white pepper


300 g flour

400 ml egg whites

600 g prawn crackers

200 g dried shrimps, fried


Shrimp croquettes

Follow the steps indicated in the basic preparation.

Blender the prawn crackers into fine powder and mix with the deep-fried prawns.

Roll the salpicon in the flour, dip into the beaten egg whites and bread into the finely ground prawn cracker mixture.