Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu

Cream plus


For 10 servings

Strawberry tiramisu

800 ml Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

400 ml strawberry coulis

500 g strawberries

20 fingers cookies

10 g roasted almond slices


Strawberry tiramisu

Whisk the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone lightly in the food processor.

Fold half of the strawberry coulis in and transfer to a piping bag.

Cut the strawberries into brunoise and keep some strawberries aside for garnish.

Cut the cookies into small pieces.


Spray a layer of strawberry coulis at the bottom of the glass.

Arrange the cookies and strawberries on it. Then divide the whipped strawberry cream over it.

Repeat these layers until the glass is full.

Decorate with the chopped almond slices and half a strawberry.

Finishing touch

When you say mascarpone, you think of tiramisù. Surf along with the seasons and create your 'limited edition' tiramisu according to the fruit offer of the season.

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