Turbot Edamame

Recipe for 4 people

Main course Fish Turbot


For 4 servings


600 g turbot fillet

500 g water

15 g coloroso salt

100 g goat butter

Edamame purée

500 g cooked and shelled edamame

50 g Debic Culinaire Original

50 g poultry stock


Mint oil

1 bunch of mint

100 g spinach

350 g grape-seed oil

Goat butter sauce

5 shallots, finely chopped

200 ml water

200 ml vinegar

200 ml white wine

100 ml Debic Culinaire Original

250 g goat butter


200 g double-shelled, cooked edamame

50 g caviar

40 g roasted pistachio nuts, finely chopped



Mix the water and coloroso salt well and marinate the turbot fillet in it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Wash the fish well with cold water and divide the turbot into four equal portions.

Cover the turbot with thin slices of goat butter.

Steam at 75 ˚C until done.

Sprinkle lightly with salt.

Edamame purée

For the edamame puree, blend the edamame together with the Debic Culinaire Original.

Poultry stock in a thermo blender at 90 ˚C.

Blend until you have a smooth puree.

Season with salt and pepper and rub through a fine sieve.

Keep warm until you need it.

Mint Oil

For the mint oil, blend the mint, spinach and grape-seed oil in a thermo blender up to 85 ˚C for 1 minute.

Strain through a very fine sieve.

Store at room temperature until use.

Goat Butter Sauce

For the sauce, bring the shallots, water, vinegar, and white wine to a boil and reduce to half.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original cooking cream and reduce to half.

Thicken with the cold goat butter (do not boil after this).

Finishing touch

Arrange the turbot fillet and the edamame puree on the plates.

Divide the heated edamame, pistachio, and caviar over the turbot fillet.

Froth up the goat butter sauce and spoon around the fillet.

Finally, drizzle the mint oil around the edges.