For 25 servings

Banana mousse

600 g Debic Vegantop

250 g banana purée (1)

10 g yellow pectin

15 g agar-agar

55 g sugar

250 g banana purée

10 g cocoa butter

Chocolate sauce

250 g Debic Vegantop

60 g glucose

60 g sugar

50 g cocoa powder

50 g water

Yuzu tangerine crémeux

90 g tangerine purée

28 g tangerine concetrate

68 g yuzu purée

5.4 g pectin X58

5.4 g yellow pectin

49 g sugar

180 g Debic Vegantop

75 g yuzu chocolate

81 g cocoa butter

Chocolate-biscoff crumble

100 g vegan margarine

100 g almond powder

100 g muscovado sugar

1 g salt

100 g T45 flour

4 g biscoff spice mix

50 g vegan dark chocolate

Plastic chocolate

1000 g yuzu chocolate

100 g cocoa butter

1 knife point black

food colouring

300 g glucose

200 g sugar syrup 30 B

Yuzu chocolate glaze

1000 g yuzu chocolate

100 g sunflower oil

100 g cocoa butter


Banana mousse

Whip the Vegantop to pipin thickness.

Heat the banana puree (1) to 40°C.

Mix the pectin with agar-agar and sugar and add to the warm banana puree.

Bring to the boil and cook for a few minutes.

Add the mashed bananas (2) and cocoa butter to the cooked mixture.

Mix the banana composition at 48°C along with the whipped Vegantop until it becomes a homogeneous mass or mousse.

Pipe about 42 to 45 g of mousse into banana moulds.


Chocolate sauce

Bring all ingredients to the boil while stirring until a nice smooth sauce forms.

Yuzu tangerine crémeux

Heat the three purees (no hotter than 60°C due to loss of flavour).

Mix the pectins with the sugar into the purees and allow to cook through.

Mix the cooked Vegantop with the yuzu chocolate and cocoa butter and blend with the purees.

Use the hand blender until a good emulsion forms.

Store in the refrigerator in a piping bag.

Chocolate-biscoff crumble

Mix all the ingredients, except the chocolate, with a flat beater to make a nice crumble.

Bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C.

Once the crumble has cooled, mix with the melted chocolate until well coated.

Store cool and dry.

Plastic chocolate

Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter.

Add the colouring, glucose and sugar syrup and mix quickly and not too long.

Store in the refrigerator for 1 hours.

Knead into a nice elastic dough, roll out to 1 mm and cut to the desired size.

Yuzu chocolate glaze

Melt all ingredients and blend with the hand blender.

Use at about 35°C.


Pass the de-formed banana through the yuzu chocolate glaze.

Decorate the banana with swipes of cocoa powder and green food colouring.

Decorate the plate with a banana dessert, modelling chocolate tape, chocolate biscoff crumble, yuzu cremeux and fresh cress.

Serve with the chocolate sauce.