White Rose

35 servings

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For 35 servings

Raspberry-lychee gel

225 g raspberry purée

225 g lychee purée

75 g lime purée

50 g inverted sugar syrup

50 g rose-water

15 g pectin glaze

75 g sugar

100 g lychee in syrup

Raspberry cream

230 g raspberry purée

92 g whole egg

70 g egg yolk

70 g sugar

3.5 g gelatin leaves

92 g Debic Butter Constant

Sweetened cream

Almond biscuit

47 g almond powder

47 g sugar

470 g whole egg

14 g egg yolk

58 g egg white

36 g sugar

36 g flour


230 g egg white

336 g sugar

138 g water

White velvet spray

200 g cocoa butter

20 g white chocolate

White powder pigment


Raspberry-lychee gel

Heat the fruit purées together with the inverted sugar syrup.

Mix the pectin glaze with the sugar and then mix in the fruit purées.

Leave it to cook for at least 2 minutes.

Add the rose-water.

Squeeze a few slices of lychee into a bowl (2 cm in diameter),

Pour the jelly over it.

Put in the freezer.

Raspberry cream

Leave the gelatin to soak in cold water.

Heat the raspberry purée, the whole egg, the yolks, and the sugar to 83 °C.

Let the squeezed gelatin melt in it.

Let it cool to 38 °C.

Add the Debic Butter Constant when the mix has come to room temperature.

Pour it into the bowls (2 cm in diameter) and put in the freezer.

Sweetened cream

Whip the Debic Stand & Overrun with the sugar to a light mix.

Transfer to a piping bag with a flat nozzle.

Almond biscuit

Mix the almond powder, sugar, the whole egg, and the yolk.

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar.

Add the flour.

Distribute the dough over the baking trays and weigh 830 g per baking tray.

Bake for 7 minutes at 210 °C.

Cut into circles of 3 cm.


Cook the sugar with the water to 121 °C. P

our the sugar syrup into the food processor, and add the egg white.

Mix at medium speed.

Pour the meringue out onto the backside of the silicone bowls.

Let the meringue dry in the oven for 10 hours at 75 °C.

Brush white chocolate onto the inside of the meringue shells.

White velvet spray

Heat all the ingredients to 35 °C.

Transfer to a preheated spray gun.


Fill the meringue shell with raspberry-lychee gel.

Fill a silicone half spheres mould (3 cm in diameter) with raspberry cream.

Finish with a round almond biscuit and freeze.

Prick the frozen cream and almond biscuit with a toothpick.

Inject the sweetened cream in small curves on the cream, to create a rose shape.

Spray with white velvet spray.