Spray can techniques

With these decorative techniques, you can give your creations a contemporary look. By moving the tip of the spray can in different ways, you create a variety of new types of presentation.

Spray can techniques
The line - photo 2281461 | Debic
The line

Hold the can as straight as possible and press the handle, while at the same time moving the can in a flowing movement toward yourself across the pastry.

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The dots - photo 2281465 | Debic
The dots

Pipe small blobs over the waffles. You can introduce variations by alternating between making larger and smaller blobs.

The Waterfall - photo 2281467 | Debic
The Waterfall

This technique works if you have a creation with some height, such as this chocolate cake. Spray the whipped cream in a wave motion from top to bottom.

The Swirl - photo 2281469 | Debic
The Swirl

The classic blob on a dessert cup. Shake the spray can just once an hour, so that you get nice and smooth edges.Hold the can at a 90° anglefor maximum results.

The Wave - photo 2281471 | Debic
The Wave

The perfect decorative technique for whipped cream on pancakes.Hold the spray can as straight as possible,press the handle whilemaking a wave motion.

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