Cream in all shapes and sizes

Using cream is indispensable in many different preparations in the kitchen. We use it to bind our sauces and decorate desserts and buffets. We use it in (savoury) mousses and pipe it on hot drinks. People have been using whipped cream since the sixteenth century. That means it has existed for 350 years.

Cream in all shapes and sizes

As a chef, you want to surprise your guests again and again. In this article, we give you tips on modifying existing desserts easily. Using innovative decoration techniques, you can easily give your desserts on plates or a savoury dish a contemporary look with whipped cream. All you need are some simple nozzles and a few basic tools.

Spaghetti nozzle - photo 2037117 | Debic
Spaghetti nozzle

A spaghetti nozzle gives your dishes a fun, playful look. Do not whip the cream too stiffly for the best result.

St. Honor nozzle - photo 2037119 | Debic
St. Honor nozzle

For this classic shape, you should use a size 16. It’s not too coarse and gives a nice, neat ridge. Do not whip the cream too stiffly, or the ridge will quickly become too loose.

The smooth nozzle and the warm measuring spoon - photo 2037121 | Debic
The smooth nozzle and the warm measuring spoon

To create a large ‘blob’ of whipped cream, use a round cutter with a 3 cm diameter as a nozzle. The cavity in the blob is made using a measuring spoon. First warm the spoon in lukewarm water, then dry it thoroughly. Press it carefully into the whipped cream.

The quenelle - photo 2037123 | Debic
The quenelle

The quenelle originated in French cuisine, where people used two spoons to form an egg-like shape. The contemporary quenelle of mousse, ice cream or whipped cream is made with one spoon. For best results, make sure it is slightly warm and thoroughly dry. 

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