Tasty wishes from our Debic ambassadors

We were hoping for a summer of love, but instead we got another year full of challenges. However, there are bright spots in these dark days. We see so much creativity, so much perseverance and so much resilience. Artisanal bakers and pastry chefs are seeing their turnover grow because consumers have rediscovered their local heroes offering fresh products. Chefs all over the world are serving up the finest dishes – even though it may not be in their restaurant. Debic is incredibly proud to work with you: professional chefs and bakers. We will be supporting you again in 2022 with our quality products and inspiring content. And we wish you everything that our ambassadors put into words below. Stay safe and all the best for 2022!

Best wishes
Karen Keygnaert, Belgium: - photo 1878943 | Debic
Karen Keygnaert, Belgium:

“I wish my colleague chefs for 2022 to be able to work again in the freedom and creativity that is particular for our profession.”

Olaf Goes
Olaf Goes, the Netherlands:

“I wish everyone a very creative, but above all a healthy 2022. I hope that we will again enjoy great years with Debic, brimming with inspiration.”

Jeroen Slezak, the Netherlands: - photo 1878947 | Debic
Jeroen Slezak, the Netherlands:

“The past eighteen months have demanded a great deal of creativity from all of us in hospitality. But there are definitely also new opportunities for us to develop further.”

Thomas Bühner, Germany: - photo 1878949 | Debic
Thomas Bühner, Germany:

"We wish you much health, success and full restaurants! May you all have the great opportunity to reap the rewards of your flexibility and investments of the past years in 2022." 

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Florian Gatto, France: - photo 1878951 | Debic
Florian Gatto, France:

“I wish you a crisp 2022, strewn with treats, courage and good health. All in an emulsion of creativity!”

Clément Bouvier, France: - photo 1878953 | Debic
Clément Bouvier, France:

“The recipe for the year 2022: 1/4 happiness, 1/4 dreams, 1/4 love and 1/4 crème fraîche. Fry on a low heat for 365 days and enjoy without moderation!
Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year.”

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Jordi Guillem, Spain: - photo 1878955 | Debic
Jordi Guillem, Spain:

“Health, strength, courage and that you fill your restaurant as this means that you are plenty of joy.”

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Sergi Vela, Spain: - photo 1878957 | Debic
Sergi Vela, Spain:

“I wish my fellow pastry chefs good luck and that they can continue to delight the customers without unexpected issues that are often not in our hands.”

Carito Lourenço, Spain: - photo 1878959 | Debic
Carito Lourenço, Spain:

“I wish my colleagues that can continue to fulfil their dreams and have more and more time to share, create and enjoy. A new year full of new challenges, new projects, good times, good feasts (as we say in Argentina)… I wish all of them much, much happiness!”

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