Food plating

Today there are still leading chefs who consistently manage to surprise and inspire diners with their philosophies and the dishes they create. Particularly since the advent of social media, so much is being shared that it is almost impossible to keep up. The day after ChefsTalk, CookNiche or GastroArt publish a spectacular new form of presentation on Instagram, it pops up everywhere. The question that all these posts and photographs do not answer, however, is: how do you make it? We would like to shed light on some of the principles behind food plating and show you how to present your sauces in numerous attractive ways.

Food plating
Brush effect - photo 653247 | Debic
Brush effect

Spoon plenty sauce or purée on the plate and use a brush to draw a nice line.

Spoon effect - photo 653251 | Debic
Spoon effect

Take a spoonful of sauce or purée and quickly draw a line on the plate. Horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Spiral effect - photo 653255 | Debic
Spiral effect

Place the plate on a rotating tray, give it a spin and pipe on the sauce while moving slowly from the centre towards the edge.

Drip effect - photo 653265 | Debic
Drip effect

Apply masking tape across the plate, spoon on the required amount of sauce to one side of the tape and then tip up the plate to create the drips. Remove the tape.

Dots effect - photo 653269 | Debic
Dots effect

Create drops of different sizes side by side on the plate.

Glass effect - photo 653273 | Debic
Glass effect

Press the underside of a clean glass in a drop of sauce for a nice artistic effect on the plate.

Splash effect - photo 653277 | Debic
Splash effect

Fill a spoonful with sauce and make a quick downward motion, so the sauce splashes on the plate.

Grid effect - photo 653281 | Debic
Grid effect

Fill the caviar maker with sauce, put it on the plate and squeeze out the sauce.

Print effect - photo 653285 | Debic
Print effect

Place the stencil on the plate and iron the sauce or puree over it with a palette knife. Then carefully lift the stencil.

Explosion effect - photo 653289 | Debic
Explosion effect

Spoon the required amount of sauce onto the plate. Place a nitrous oxide cartridge in an empty whipping-cream canister and spray the sauce so it splatters!

Paint effect - photo 653293 | Debic
Paint effect

Fill the sauce spoon and place on the plate. Make a drop and draw to a line. With the tip of the spoon you can also make small dots.

Put these plating techniques to the test - photo 653295-1 | Debic
Put these plating techniques to the test

Put these plating techniques to the test when trying out one of our many recipes!

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