Umami Mia

The basis of most classic French sauces is a stock or a broth. Depending on the intended use, wine, cream, flavourings, butter, olive oil and often a binding agent are added. With Debic's step-by-step plan you can create sauces with an explosion of flavour in three simple steps.

Umami Mia

Due to changes in taste and demands from our guests, gastronomy is currently undergoing enormous changes. A small proportion of the classic sauces have survived evolution. Lighter and less complicated versions have replaced many sauces. This requires flexibility on the part of the chef. After all, you want to be able to respond quickly to all changes. In the step-by-step plan we present here, we combine a number of elements from classic cuisine. This results in layered sauces with an extra flavour dimension. We show you how to create a tasty cream sauce for any dish with three components so that you always have a sauce that suits the dish and your guests’ needs. For example, think of gently braised lamb neck with tomato-tarragon sauce and roasted vegetables

First step: cream

Debic’s culinary cream has a number of advantages. The milk fat in the cream can absorb flavour and odour molecules easily. The cream also acts as a thickener. It replaces the roux or other binding agent in your sauce.

Umami Mia
Second step: umami

In French cuisine, classic sauces are prepared from a stock. The stock provides flavour and especially the savoury, fifth taste called umami. You can therefore replace a stock with other
umami-rich products.

Third step: flavourings

Flavourings are the flavours that are added last.

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