Brownie with Sancho Pepper Ganache and Passion Fruit jelly

Almera Brownie Ganache


For 60 servings

Chocolate dip

500 g dark chocolate 65% Madirofolo

110 g grapeseed oil

100 g cacao grué

100 g pine nuts

Chocolate feuilletine (1x 60x40 cm)

200 g feuilletine

400 g milk chocolate 41%

40 g Debic Crème butter

Sancho Pepper Ganache

526 g Debic Stand & Overrun

496 g dark chocolate 65%

180 g milk chocolate 41%

96 g glucose syrup

50 g inverted sugar

10 g Sancho pepper

Brownie, gluten free

300 g Debic Cake Butter Gold

600 g dark chocolate 65%

6 g salt

180 g milk

210 g sugar

300 g eggs

180 g almond powder

90 g cacao powder

300 g chopped almonds

Milk chocolate chantilly

500 g Debic Stand & Overrun

150 g milk chocolate 41%

15 g inverted sugar

Passion Fruit jelly

250 g passion fruit puree

8 g powdered gelatin

40 g water

30 g sugar


Chocolate dip

Melt the chocolate with the grapeseed oil en mix well.

Add the chopped cacao grué and the pine nuts.

Chocolate feuilletine

Melt the chocolate and the butter separately.

Combine and add the feuilletine.

Spread between two paper sheets and flatten.

Sancho Pepper Ganache

Crush the pepper and infuse in the hot cream during 10 minutes

Strain and rescale.

Heat the cream with the glucose and inverted sugar and pour over the chocolate.

Emulsify with a hand mixer.

Brownie, gluten free

Melt the chocolate and the butter.

Add the salt and the milk and mix gently.

Combine eggs and sugar and add to the previous mixture.

Fold in the almond powder, chopped almonds and cacao powder.

Bring over in a baking tray (60X40cm) and bake at 170 °C during +/- 24 minutes.

Milk chocolate chantilly

Heat cream and inverted sugar and pour over the chocolate.

Emulsify with hand blender.

Hydrate gelatin powder with the water.

Heat the puree with the sugar until it dissolves and add gelatin mass.

Mix gently and portion in a desired mould.


Bake the brownie and cover with the feuilletine.

Spread a layer of ganache over it and freeze.

Portion the frame in 3,5 cm x 11 cm. spray with a mixture of milk chocolate and cacao butter.

Finishing touch

Afterwards dip the brownie till the top edge in chocolate.

Place a stripe of passion jelly on one side of the bar and pipe a wave of milk chocolate Chantilly on the other side.