Bavrois El'Jula

mascarpone mousse, Manjari chocolate mousse, nut crunch

Dessert Mascarpone Mousse


For 10 servings

Mascarpone mousse with vanilla

100 g egg yolks

140 g egg whites

3 gelatine sheets

1 vanilla pod

600 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

150 g sugar

Manjari chocolate mousse

200 g full-cream milk

2 egg yolks

100 g sugar

4 gelatine sheets

75 g Manjari chocolate

500 ml Debic Cream 40%

25 g cocoa powder

Cocoa crumble

40 g cocoa powder

80 g flour

80 g butter

80 g brown sugar

2 g fleur de sel

Passion fruit jelly

500 g passion fruit juice

50 g sugar

9 g pectin NH

Nut crunch

50 g Jivara chocolate

375 g hazelnut praliné

50 g ground hazelnuts

50 g pine nuts

50 g peanuts

40 g cocoa nibs

50 g feuilletine


10 dacquoise biscuit rounds

cocoa mass

Atsina cress


Mascarpone mousse with vanilla

Soak the gelatine in cold water. Prepare a ribbon with the egg yolk, half the sugar and the vanilla pod pulp. Whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone until light and airy.

Melt the squeezed gelatine and add to the ribbon. Beat the egg whites with the remainder of the sugar to form a meringue.

Mix the meringue with the egg yolk mixture. Then fold in the whipped mascarpone cream.

Manjari chocolate mousse

Soak the gelatine in cold water. Make a crème anglaise with the milk, egg yolk, sugar and cocoa powder.

Pour over the chocolate and the squeezed gelatine. Leave to cool to 38°C and mix with the lightly whipped Debic Cream 40%.

Cocoa crumble

Mix all ingredients and bake in three lots for 8 minutes in an oven at 180°C. Stir well during baking.

Leave to cool.

Passion fruit jelly

Boil the passion fruit juice. Mix the pectin with the sugar.

Add to the passion fruit juice and leave to cool. Mix and transfer to a squeeze bottle.

Nut crunch

Chop all the nuts finely. Add to the melted chocolate and praliné. Mix well.


Half-fill a silicone mould with the mascarpone mousse and then fill up with the chocolate mousse. Finish with the nut crunch. Leave to harden in the freezer.

Remove the bavarois from the mould. Spray with cocoa mass. Arrange the bavarois on a dacquoise biscuit round.

Place the bavarois in the centre of the plate. Arrange small blobs of the passion fruit jelly alongside.

Place the cocoa crumble next to the bavarois. Finish with Atsina cress.