Caramel Chocolate Tamara

Caramel mousse, Chocolate cream with Chocolate glaze

Dessert Chocolat Caramel


Caramel mousse

200 g Sugar

1000 ml Debic Végétop

12 g Gelatin powder

65 ml Water

Chocolate cream

1000 ml Debic Végétop

100 g Sugar

450 g Covering chocolate 62%

150 ml Milk

Chocolate glaze

425 g Syrup

150 g Glucose

850 ml Debic Végétop

350 g Dark covering chocolate

1000 g Imitation chocolate

Assembly and finish

24 Sponge rounds (4 cm diameter)

240 g Crunchy feuilletine


Caramel mousse

Mix the powdered gelatin with the water and soak for 30 minutes.

Caramelise the sugar and add 200 ml of whipped Debic Végétop .

Stir until smooth and mix with the gelatin mixture.

Fold in the rest of the whipped Debic Végétop .

Chocolate cream

Whip the Debic Végétop with the sugar until light and airy.

Weigh out the chocolate into a plastic bowl, add the milk and put in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Stir well until smooth and mix in one-quarter of the lightly whipped Debic Végétop .

Fold in the rest of the whipped mixture.

Chocolate glaze

Bring the syrup, glucose and Debic Végétop to the boil and pour onto the chocolate.

Mix until shiny. Use at 40°C.


Fill half-sphere moulds half full with the caramel mousse and cover with a piece of sponge.

Add more chocolate cream until the mould is full.

Leave to harden in the freezer.

Then add a layer of crunchy feuilletine.

Finishing touch

Pour the chocolate glaze over the mini cakes. Decorate in your house style.