Fried sole

with artichoke cream and green apple

Dennis Huwaë Restaurant Daalder sole

Dennis Huwaë

Restaurant Daalder*


For 10 servings


5 sole

500 g butter

200 g raw, firm mushrooms sea salt

Panko crunch

500 g panko

250 g butter noisette

3 g garlic

Apple gel

1 l green apple purée

500 g butter


500 ml artichoke cream (artichoke hearts, butter, orange juice)

250 g Debic Culinaire Original 20%

200 ml chicken stock

10 g kappa


30 oxalis (sour flavours)

2 g algae powder



Fry the sole in butter until tender. Baste the sole, then fillet.

Slice the mushrooms on a Japanese mandoline and place them on top of the sole fillets.

Place a fillet on top and coat with the butter.

Then cut the sole diagonally and season with sea salt.

Panko crunch

Heat the butter noisette in a pan and fry the panko until brown.

Add the garlic and place on paper towel.

Apple gel

Mix the apple purée with the gellan gum and boil to 100°C.

Pour into a container and leave to cool.

Leave to set, then mix in a blender until smooth.

Transfer to a siphon and store in the refrigerator.


Cook all ingredients together in the thermomixer and fill the moulds with the mixture.

Freeze, then remove the artichokes from the mould.

Cut through the middle.


Cover the sole with the panko crunch and algae powder.

Heat the artichokes to max. 60°Cand arrange them next to the sole.

Garnish the dish with the apple gel and the oxalis.