with jasmine celeriac and calamansi

Scallop Celeriac Calamansi

Dennis Huwaë

Restaurant Daalder


For 10 servings


10 scallops

50 g butter

Calamansi vinaigrette

30 g calamansi juice

100 g soy sauce

140 g grapeseed oil

7 g black garlic

5 g sea salt

1 g xanthan gum

Jasmine butter blanc sauce

3 l Debic Cream 35%, unsweetened

23 g jasmine tea, leaves

30 g natural vinegar

30 g white wine vinegar, Forum sea salt

Celeriac cream

1 kg celeriac

100 g butter

100 ml Debic Cream 35%, unsweetened sea salt

500 g celeriac cubes, 2 x 2 cm

50 g butter

10 g peel of sea salted lemon


10 carrot crisps

20 glazed carrots

10 Chinese hibiscus

10 garlic flowers

5 ml lovage oil

3 g caramelised onions

10 g hazelnut crunch


Calamansi vinaigrette

Use a hand mixer to mix all the ingredients together to make a vinaigrette and transfer to a siphon.

Jasmine beurre blanc sauce

Reduce the cream down to 1.5 litres and add the jasmine tea.

Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and pass through a fine sieve.

Add the vinegars and season with salt.

Celeriac cream

Clean the celeriac and vacuum with the butter.

Cook in the steamer.

Purée with the cream and season with salt.

Celeriac cubes

Vacuum the celeriac cubes with the butter

Peel of the salted lemon

Cook in the steamer for 7 minutes.


Fry the scallops and baste with the butter.

Put some of the celeriac cream on the plate and place the scallop on top.

Finish with the hazelnut crunch, celeriac cubes and garnishes.

Add the sauce alongside and finish with the lovage oil and calamansi vinaigrette.