Marron Cassis

Recipe for 20 verrines

Debic Cassis Marroon


For 20 servings

Cassis jelly

400 g cassis puree

50 g sugar

7 g of gelatin

100 g griottine juice concentrated

Vanilla cream

750 g Debic Cream 35%

175 g egg yolk

135 g sugar

18 g gelatin

2 vanilla sticks

Maroon mousse

500 g vanilla cream

200 g mashed chestnuts

25 g Cognac Remy Martin 58 °

500 g Debic Cream 35%

Decoration cream

150 g nut puree

150 g mashed chestnuts

100 g Debic Constant butter

20 g Cognac Remy Martin 58 °

Assembly & finishing

300g sponge cake or cake

90 g candied chestnuts


Cassis jelly

Heat the cassis puree with the sugar and mix with the soaked gelatin.

Add the concentrated griottine juice.

Vanilla cream

Heat the Debic Cream 35% with half the sugar and the split vanilla sticks.

Stir the other half of the sugar until frothy with the egg yolk.

Mix and stir at 85 ° C (anglaise).

Mix in the soaked gelatin.

Immediately weigh 500 g of composition for the maroon mousse.

Maroon mousse

Smooth the vanilla cream with the mashed chestnuts and cognac.

Beat the Debic Cream 35% and stirr under the mixture.

Decoration cream

Bring all raw materials to room temperature and mix, do not whip.


Cover the bottom of the glass with the warm cassis jelly. Freeze.

Apply the remainder of the vanilla cream on top.

Add the biscuit or cake pieces and fill with the fluffy maroon mousse.

Finishing touch

Apply the decoration cream with a fine piping tube and decorate with pieces of candied chestnut, icing sugar and gold leaf.

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