Mascarpone parfait

Recipe for 10 people

Dessert parfait Mascarpone


For 10 servings


500 ml Debic Parfait

100 g mascarpone

15 g tomato purée

25 g tomato pulp, puréed and sieved

1 g salt

10 ml lemon juice

100 g strawberry sorbet

Basil granité

2 bunches Thai basil

4 dl water

200 g sugar

Red jelly

500 g basic jelly

50 g strawberry purée

50 g tomato pulp

8 g sheet gelatine

0.5 g bronze powder


1 tray basil cress



Put the strawberry sorbet in a silicon half-sphere mould 3 cm in diameter.

Freeze and press the two halves together to create an entire ball.

Deacidify the tomato purée briefly in a pan.

Stir the mascarpone with the tomato pulp and the tomato purée until smooth.

Beat the Debic Parfait in the planetary mixer until light and airy and add the mascarpone mixture.

Add the lemon juice and the salt and transfer the mixture to a piping bag.

Place two layers of plastic film on your worktop and pipe a large blob of parfait in the middle.

Press the ball of strawberry sorbet in the middle and cover with a little parfait.

Fold the ends of the plastic towards one another and seal.

Put in the freezer.

Heat the basic jelly and add the tomato pulp, strawberry purée and pre-soaked sheet gelatine.

Keep warm at 30°C.

Remove the plastic from the parfait and insert a skewer.

Draw the parfait through the jelly and store in the freezer.

Blanche the basil leaves briefly and then cool on ice water.

Boil the water with the sugar, then allow to cool.

Chop the basil in the blender with the sugar water and pass through a fine sieve.

Transfer to a large tin and freeze.

Stir constantly with a fork to create ice crystals.

Store in a well-sealed container.

Finishing touch

Place the tomato on the plate and leave for five minutes to come to temperature.

Remove the skewer and place a crown on the tomato.

Arrange the granité on the plates and place the tomato on top.

Finish with basil cress.