Parfait Balls

An easy dessert recipe with our Debic products.

Dessert parfait Pistachio


Parfait Balls

1000 ml Debic Parfait

130 g Granny Smith purée

100 g Pistachio nuts


1 Granny Smith apple

100 ml Raspberry coulis

100 g Nougat crumbs

30 Raspberries


Parfait balls

Whip the Debic Parfait until you have a smooth mousse.

Add the Granny Smith purée and continue to mix briefly.

Fill half-sphere Silpat(r) moulds with the apple parfait.

Put in the freezer.

Finely chop the pistachio nuts.

Stick 2 half-spheres of apple parfait together and roll in your hands to create a nice, smooth ball.

Roll through the finely chopped pistachios.

Store the balls in the freezer.


Cut the Granny Smith into paper-thin slices on a slicer.

If necessary, store in water with a dash of lemon juice.

Place 2 slices of Granny Smith on the plate.

Place the parfait balls on top.

Put a raspberry next to each one.

Use a squeeze bottle to add a few drops of the raspberry coulis to the plate.

Garnish with nougat crumbs.