Made with rhubarb compote and yuzu chantilly.

yuzu RhuBaBa Rhubarb compote


For 60 servings

Mini baba

45 g Debic Stand & Overrun

80 g milk

4 g salt

20 g sugar

20 g yeast

268 g flour T45

136 g eggs

80 g Debic Cake Butter Gold

Rhubarb compote

200 g sugar

500 g water

10 g lemon juice + zest

40 g grenadine

2 g lemon grass

2 g vanilla

1000 g pilled rhubarb

Rhubarb spray

400 g rhubarb puree

75 g lime juice

50 g sugar

7 g pectin NH

BaBa syrup

4 oranges, skin and juice

4 limes, skin and juice

1 L water, to adjust

200 g sugar

2 vanilla pods

Yuzu Chantilly

180 g yuzu inspiration chocolate

150 g yuzu puree

664 g Debic Stand & Overrun

5 g powdered gelatine

25 g water

Yuzu meringue

100 g egg whites

100 g sugar

100 g icing sugar

20 g yuzu puree


Mini baba

Warm the milk to 40°C, add the sugar and the yeast and let rest for 30 minutes.

Knead an elastic dough by adding all ingredients.

Pipe the dough in silicon molds, approx. 30 grams and leave to ferment (30-45 minutes at 27°C).

Bake at 200°C for 5 minutes and follow with 12- 14 minutes on 170°C.

Rhubarb compote

Bring all ingredients, except the rhubarb to a boil.

Fill a vacuum bag with the pilled rhubarb and pour the prepared syrup (warm, not hot) in the bags and place sous vide at 65°C during 6- 10 minutes.

Rhubarb spray

Heat the puree and at 40°C sprinkle the sugar-pectin mixture in the puree.

Bring to a boil during constantly stirring the puree.

BaBa syrup

Peel the oranges and lemons and press them.

Adjust the liquid to 1 L with the water.

Add the sugar and bring to a boil.

Yuzu Chantilly

Hydrate the gelatin with the water. Heat the puree, combine with the melted gelatin mass and pour over the yuzu chocolate.

Emulsify with a hand blender and add the cold cream.

Store in refrigerator.

Yuzu meringue

Whip the egg whites with the sugar.

When steady fold in the sieved icing sugar and finish gently with the yuzu puree.

Spread on a Silpat and sprinkle with dries cassis.

Dry at 80°C during 6 à 7 hours. Brush the inside with melted cacao butter.


Soak the baba’s in the syrup and leave to drain for a few minutes.

Portion the rhubarb compote in the middle of the baba.

Glaze with the rhubarb spray to cover.

Whip the yuzu Chantilly and pipe into the meringue shells.

Place on top of the baba.