Salmon ravioli

With green peas, wasabi mascarpone and chive oil

Salmón Ravioli Wasabi Mascarpone


For 10 servings

Pasta dough

500 g flour, type 0

15 egg yolks

Salmon filling

300 g smoked salmon

300 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

100 g white wine

50 g Debic Traditional Butter

2 shallots

Wasabi mascarpone

200 ml Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

20 g wasabi root

2 g salt

Chive oil

80 g chives

200 ml sunflower oil


150 g fresh peas

50 g peas shoots


Pasta dough

Knead in a planetary mixer until a compact mixture is obtained, vacuum-pack it 3 times in order to compact the dough, let the dough rest at least 1 hour before preparing classic sheets.

When the filling is ready to eat the ravioli as in the traditional way.

Salmon filling

Sauté the onions previously chopped with butter over low heat, add the salmon and brown over high heat.

Add with the white wine, let it evaporate and pour the cream plus Debic, cook for about 10 minutes and adjust salt and pepper.

Blend finely and pour in a pipping bag.

Wasabi mascarpone

Mix all ingredients and reserve in the fridge.

Chive oil

Mix the chives together with the sunflower oil in the blender for 20 minutes until it is above 70 °C.

Pass through a fine sieve and store in a squeezy bottle.


Cook the pasta in the traditional way, place them onto the plate.

Finishing touch

Garnish with wasabi mascarpone, blanched peas, pea shoots and chive oil.