Schwarzwalder cherry with chocolat foam

Impress your guests with this chocolate cherry dessert.

Dessert Brownie Cherries



1 x jar of cherries in syrup

1 x cinnamon stick

Cherry coulis

500 g cherry purée

50 g sugar

50 ml cherry liqueur

Cherry jelly

200 g cherry purée

2 g agar agar

0,1 g gold dust


10 x edible violets

500 g chocolate brownie

10 x quenelles cherry ice cream


Group 1

Pour the chocolate mousse into a 500 ml siphon and aerate with one gas cartridge. Store in the refrigerator.

For the cherry jelly, heat the cherry purée with the agar agar and simmer for a few minutes. Add the gold dust and pour into cherry moulds.

For the coulis, heat all the ingredients together and pass through a fine sieve. Allow to cool, then transfer to a siphon.

Cut the chocolate brownie into 10 equal pieces.

Pour the cherries into a sieve and save the juice. Heat the juice with the cinnamon and star anise and reduce to a third. Add the cherries again and marinate in the juice.

Finishing touch

Arrange the brownie on the plate and decorate with the marinated cherries. Pipe the chocolate mousse next to the brownie and decorate with the cherry jelly, cherry coulis, cherry ice cream and violets.