Wakamé soup

Soup Soup Wakame



1000 ml water

12 g kombu

25 g bonito flakes

Wakamé Soup

1000 ml Debic Culinaire Végétop

1000 ml dashi (see recipe)

200 g wakamé

100 ml mirin

10 ml soy sauce

Sushi rice croutons

100 g sushi rice

10 ml rice vinegar

20 ml mirin

200 ml water


125 ml sake

250 ml soy sauce

125 ml mirin



Make the dashi by infusing water with kombu for 1 hour at 65°C.

Remove the kombu and then add the Bonito flakes.

Leave to infuse briefly and then pour through a sieve.

Wakamé soup

Bring the Debic Végétop to the boil with the dashi and wakamé.

Leave to simmer for 30 minutes.

Pass through a fine sieve and remove the wakamé.

Reduce to the desired thickness.

Sushi rice croutons

Boil the sushi rice in water.

Season with mirin and rice vinegar.

Spoon the warm rice into rectangle silicon moulds immediately and leave to cool.

Cut the rice into cubes.

Flash fry the cubes in olive oil.

Coat the rice with the taré.


Bring the ingredients to the boil and reduce to two-thirds.

Tuna yakitori

Cut the tuna into equal-sized pieces.

Put them on a skewer.

Roll the skewered tuna in the breadcrumbs.

Briefly fry the tuna on all sides in a dry pan.

Cover in a generous amount of the taré and then sprinkle with panko.


Assemble the yakitori and croutons in deep dishes.

Pour the soup on top.

Finishing touch

Finish with the wakamé and purple shiso.