Aerating cream with machine

Aerating cream with machine - photo 1 | Debic

Aerating cream with machine

This technique shows you how to whip cream using a whipping cream machine in only 3 simple steps.

Equipment needed
  • Whipping cream machine



 - photo 1 | Debic

Link the bag of cream to the machine or pour the cream in the bowl

 - photo 1 | Debic

Set the machine to the prefered settings

 - photo 1 | Debic

Draw the desired amount of whipped cream from the machine

 - photo 1 | Debic



  • When setting the machine, strive for whipped cream with a little ridge when tapped
  • When a blob is to smooth the machine will use more cream
  • Clean the machine every day and take apart once a week
  • Make an appointment with a technician twice a year for optimal results

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