Whipping cream with mixer

Whipping cream with mixer - photo 1 | Debic

Whipping cream with mixer

This technique shows you how to whip cream using a standard mixer in only 3 simple steps.

Equipment needed
  • Standing mixer


 - photo 1 | Debic

Fill the bowl with cream

 - photo 1 | Debic

Whip the cream on medium speed

 - photo 1 | Debic

Whip the cream until the desired consistency

 - photo 1 | Debic



  • Make sure all items of the mixer are cooled before you start using it
  • Whipping on medium speed delivers the best result
  • Mix the cream thorough after you are done whipping to incorporate unwhipped cream in the bottom of the bowl
  • Whip cream in a cold room to prevent whipping in warm air
  • The type of whisk has a lot of influence on how your cream is whipped. More threads means faster whipping

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