Croissant Red & White

The quintessential croissant recipe with Debic products.

Red croissant Bakery Dough
Croissant Red & White - photo1 | Debic


Croissant Dough

Mix the water with the yeast, the malt and the milk powder.

Add the rest of the ingredients and knead during 5 minutes in 1st gear.

Give 2 hours rest in de refrigerator.

Ply in the Croissant butter and give 1 single (x3) and 1 double (x4) turn.

Leave to rest 1 hour in de refrigerator.

Red fantasy dough

Dissolve the coloring agent in the water, knead with the croissant dough and the soft butter. Divide in 4 pieces. Leave to rest for minimum 1 hour in de refrigerator.


Roll out the red croissant dough and fit on the croissant dough bloc.

Lengthen the dough on 2,4 mm and cut into triangles ( 25 x 8,5 cm). shape into a croissant and place on trays.

Leave to ferment +/- 2 Hours at 26°C.

Bake for 10 minutes at 230°C + 5 minutes at 190°C.

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