Hazelnut, lime and kaffir praline

Praline with hazelnut, lime and kaffir

Hazelnut Lime Kaffir


For 275 servings

Hazelnut kaffir lime praline

300 g Piemonte hazelnuts

200g sugar

75 g water

20 kaffir lime leaves

30 g Debic Incorporation Butter Crème

15 g milk powder, 0%

120 g milk chocolate, 48%

50 g cocoa butter

Sudachi ganache

130 g Sudachi purée

35 g glucose sirup DE60

45 g inverted sugar

38 g sorbitol powder

1 g fleur de sel

290 g milk chocolate, 48%

140 g dark chocolate, 70%

85 g Debic Incorporation Butter Crème


Hazelnut kaffir lime praline

Bring the sugar and water to the boil at 117°C and add the hazelnuts.

First sand the mix then caramelised to become a praliné.

Add the kaffir leaves and cool on a Silpat®.

Roast the butter to beurre noisette.

Mix the praliné in the Robot-Coupe, keep it coarse.

Put the mixture in the blender with the paddle attachment and work it in first gear so the praliné start to oil.

Add the melted milk chocolate, cocoa butter, the beurre noisette and finish with the milk powder.

Temper at 24°C and pour in the frame that is previously stencilled.

Sudachi ganache

Melt the chocolate at 45°C.

Heat the purée with the sugars and the salt to 35°C.

Emulsify the chocolate with the liquid in 3 times.

Add the tempered butter, emulsify with an immersion blender.

Temperate to 32-33°C and pour over the crystallized praliné.

Leave to crystallise at 16°C for 24 hours.

Finishing touch

Chablonner, cut and dipp in the milk chocolate.