Ginger carrot cake

With cardamon syrup and white chocolate glazing

Carrot cake Cardamon Glazing


For 36 servings

Cake batter

600 g Debic Incorporation Butter Cake Gold

15 g dried ginger powder

60 g Debic Cream 40%

600 g sugar

6 g salt

600 g eggs

600 g cake flour


300 g Debic Incorporation Butter Cake Gold

125 g sugar

125 g grounded almonds

6 g salt

600 g flour

Cardamon syrup

250 g sugar

220 g water

20 g cardamom

Carrot crème

500 g carrot juice

60 g castor sugar

600 g Debic Incorporation Butter Crème

600 g Debic Parfait

1 lime

Carrot ribbon

1 winter carrot

500 g cardamom syrup

White chocolate glazing

800 g white chocolate

100 g groundnut oil


Cake batter

Mix the ginger powder with the cream and set aside for 1 hour.

Soften the butter and mix through the sugar and the salt.

Add systematically the eggs to the mixture and thereafter the cream infusion.

Fold in the sifted flour.

Portion in cake moulds (350 g / mould). Bake at 160°C for 90 minutes.


Soften the butter by using a paddle in first gear.

Add the sugar and salt, the almond powder and the flour.

Form a firm ball and store in the refrigerator.

Roll out at 2.5 mm and cut out the desired shapes.

Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes.

Cardamom syrup

Bring the water with the syrup to a boil.

Add the crushed cardamom seeds, cover with clingfilm and infuse for 3 hours.

Strain and set aside.

Carrot crème

Bring the carrot juice to a boil and reduce to 150 g.

Soften the butter with the sugar

Pour in the parfait in three times and whip for 10 minutes.

Add the carrot juice with the lime zests and the juice.

Carrot ribbon

Cut long strips of the carrot with a mandolin shaper.

Boil them in the cardamom syrup during 5 minutes.

Recover the syrup with the carrots and store them, covered in the refrigerator to infuse overnight.

White chocolate glazing

Melt the chocolate with the oil and use at 40°C.


Cut along the cakes in 3 layers.

Moisten them with the cardamom syrup.

Fill the layers with the carrot crème and press the cake firmly.

Tidy up all sides and freeze the cake.

Dip the cake in the melted chocolate glaze by using two forks.

Finishing touch

Decorate with the carrot ribbon, cookies and carrot crème.