Exotic cream cheese tart

Exotic Creamcheese tart

Cream cheese Mono portions


For 3 servings

Sable dough

382 g Debic Croissant Butter

361 g icing sugar

4 g salt

110 g almond powder

210 g eggs

722 g flour

209 g potato starch

Egg wash

7 g cacao powder

125 g egg yolk

25 g Debic cream without sugar

Creamcheese mousse

100 g lime juice

9 g gelatin

45 g water

400 g Debic Stand&Overrun

200 g Debic Creamcheese

100 g sugar

50 g egg white

Rice crispy

40 g caoa butter

30 g grape seed oil

130 g almond praline 80% almonds

60 g rice krispies

1 st lime zest

Exotic compote

25 g yuzu sap

180 g mango puree

140 g passion puree

25 g mango brunoise

80 g sugar

1 st lemon zest

4 g agar

1 g gelatin

5 g cold water


•        Mix the Debic Croissant butter, the icing sugar, salt and almond powder into a dough

•        Add the eggs and mix

•        Mix the sifted flour and potato starch

•        Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm and stick out with an 18 cm round cutter

•        Line in a 16 cm tartelette ring and cool for 30 min

•        Bake the tartelettes at 150 °C for 20 min.

•        Remove the rings, mix the egg yolk and Debic cream without sugar and cover the tartletss whit a thin layer bake again for 16 min at 150°C

·       mix the gelatin in the water

·       whip the Debic Stand&Overrun

·       for the Italian foam, heat te sugar to 119°C and pour on the fluffy whipped egg white whip air and cold

·       Bring half of the lemon juice to a boil and add the gelatin mass cool back with the other half of the lemon juice

·       Mix this with the Debic Creamcheese and then add the egg white foam

·       Finally, fold the foam mass and the Debic Stand&Overrun into a homogeneous mass.

·       Mix the almond praline with the grape seed oil

·       Melt the cocoa butter and mix it in

·       Mix in the rice crispys with the lime zest

·       Mix the mano and passion puree with the sugar and yuzu juice and bring to the boil

·       Mix gelatin with the cold water

·       Add agar and bring to a boil, then add the gelatin mass

·       Mix mango brunoise and lime zest in and let it pour out in low round shapes and freeze in

·       Keep 50 grams aside and blend it smooth


Divide the rice crisp over the three tartelette bottoms 80 gr per cake

Press a bisquit slice on it then add the frozen exotic disk

Pipe the Creamcheese mousse on the exotic compote and freeze the cakes

Cover the tartelette with the baking rings and spray with yellow spray chocolate

Finishing touch

Spray some dops off exotic compote on the cake and finish with chocolate decoration