Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Cream cheese Dark chocolate Mono portions


For 15 servings

Chocolate Cake

200 g Debic Cake gold

200 g dark sugar

200 g eggs

200 g flour

2 g baking soda

1 st lime zest

2 g salt

7 g cacao powder

Chocolate pâte sablé

382 g Debic Croissant Butter

361 g icing sugar

4 g salt

110 g almondpoeder

211 g eggs

70 g cocoa powder

653 g flour

209 g potato starch

Chocolate crumble

100 g Debic Cake butter

75 g flour

150 g sugar

30 g almond powder

30 g cocoa powder

100 g cacao nibs

Chocolate chreamcheese filling

300 g dark chocolate

250 g Debic Creamcheese


Whip the caster sugar, lemon zest, salt and Debic cake butter fluffy

Add the egg in parts

Mix the flour and baking soda

Mix the Debic Croissant butter, icing sugar, salt and the almond powder into a dough

Add the eggs and mix

Add the the sifted flour, cocoa powder and potato starch.

Cool the dough

Mix butter with the dry ingredients until a crumble

Freeze and bake at 180°C for 20 min

Melt the dark chocolate

Mix whit the Creamcheese until smooth


Roll out the chocolate sablee dough at 1.8 mm cut out 15 pc with the 10 cm rings. cut out 15 pc with a 4 cm cartel cutter bake it between two air mats at 160°C for 20 min.

Pipe a layer of cake batter into the rings and pipe a blob in the middle with the chocolate chreamcheese bake it at 160°C for 20 min.

Remove the cakes from the rings and let cool, over the edges with neutral jelly and press them into the chocolate crumbel

Finishing touch

Decorate with decoration snow, and pipe a dot off cholate5 cream cheese in the middle and press a sablé cookie on it.