Mounting - photo 1 | Debic


This technique shows you how to mount a sauce before serving in only 4 simple steps.

Equipment needed
  • Sauce pan
  • Whisk


  • Gastrique
  • fond
  • butter


 - photo 1 | Debic

Add the cooking cream to the gastrique and fond

 - photo 1 | Debic

Boil the sauce until the desired consistency under constant whisking

 - photo 1 | Debic

Add cubes of cold butter while stirring them in the warm sauce

 - photo 1 | Debic

Check the thickness of the sauce and serve


  • Normal mounted sauces can not be reheated, this problem is solved when using cooking cream
  • Check the thickness of a sauce on the back of a spoon. Create a line with your finger, when the line stays your sauce has thickend

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