Quick dessert fillings for your bakery

Debic Desserts Debic liquid desserts have played a leading role in the kitchen of chefs in the hospitality sector for many years. Panna Cotta or Crème Brûlée from Debic Desserts have become indispensable the world over. Particularly now, with the glaring shortage of professionals. 

Quick dessert fillings
Quick dessert fillings

Confectioners and pastry chefs, too, can make attractive, delicious treats with this handy, liquid dessert base. By freezing the filling in very thin layers (just a few centimeters), the dessert base can be thawed quickly. 

Every tartlet in these recipes is made with a thin, crunchy Breton biscuit, a filling based on Debic Desserts decoration. We use Debic Panna Cotta, Debic Crème Brûlée and Debic Tiramisu.

Sandrine Baumann-Hautin
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