How to boost your business with Valentine

Artists, poets, but also chefs, patissiers and chocolatiers like to be inspired by Saint-Valentine. Although nothing is known for sure about this 'saint', no one is really insensitive to this romantic Valentinus. In any case, this party is a great opportunity to give your turnover a little boost.

How to boost your business with Valentine

Proven tips & tricks for your restaurant and/or bakery for Valentine:

  • Create the Valentine's Day atmosphere in your business by using decorations. Think of rose petals, ribbons, red lights, shiny berries and other fruits.
  • Create special Valentine desserts or pastries with red fruits (coulis) or use red colouring. You can also make use of beautiful accents in your plating.
  • Some chocolatiers add a Valentine twist to their assortment by festively packing small gifts, such as heart-shaped pralines or red chocolate lips. Why don't take that tour as a pastry chef or chef?
  • Give away a free Valentine’s Day dinner or pastry and communicate it well on your Social Media channels.
  • For restaurants, dim the general lighting and provide extra accents. Candles and tea lights are a must.
  • Pay attention to the playlist of the background music of your bakery or restaurant. These don’t need to be very sweet tunes… Let the music ‘connoisseur’ of your team create a special playlist for Valentine.
  • Give couples who reserve for a certain date in your restaurant a small Valentine present.   

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