With mocha mascarpone mousse and chocolate sauce

Debic Amaretto Espresso


For 10 servings

Mocha mascarpone mousse

1 l Debic Tiramisù

1 espresso

50 ml amaretto


10 g cocoa powder

50 g finely grounded, roasted cocoa beans

10 dentelle biscuits

50 g chocolate sauce


Mocha mascarpone mousse

Mix the Debic Tiramisù slightly in the kitchen machine.

Mix with the cold espresso and the amaretto.

Fill a silicone mould of your choice and stiffen the mascarpone mousse in the refrigerator.

Place the mousse afterwards in the freezer.

Remove the mousse from the mould and keep it in the freezer.


Create a valentine drawing

Arrange the mascarpone mousse on the plate and let it come to temperature.

Finishing touch

Finish with the cookies and the chocolate sauce.