With skimmed yoghurt and lime

Debic Limes Sheet of sponge cake
Candie - photo1 | Debic


For 6 servings


1l Debic Parfait

125 g skimmed yoghurt

2 limes

1 vanilla pod

1 sheet of sponge cake

150 g syrup

150 g jelly candies



Demould and spray with pink cacao butter.


Zest the limes in the Debic Parfait, add the grated vanilla with the yoghurt and start to whip.

Mix the lime juice with the syrup and soak the sponge cake.

Fill the moulds for 2/3th with the whipped parfait and place in the soaked sponge cake.

Close the moulds with the rest of the parfait and freeze.

Finishing touch

Demould and spray with white chocolate , decorate with jelly candies.