Chocolate ice cream

with chocolate sauce, macarons and chocolate decoration

Debic Bakery ice cream
Chocolate ice cream - photo1 | Debic


Chocolate ice cream

453 g water

80 g skimmed milk powder

35 g dextrose

35 g egg yolk

133 g Debic Cream 35%

138 g sucrose

6 g stabiliser (Cremodan)

75 g dark chocolate 70%

45 g dark chocolate 72%


Chocolate sauce


Chocolate decorations


Chocolate ice cream

Heat the water with the milk powder, the dextrose and the egg yolks.

Once the mixture has reached 40°C, add the Debic Cream 35%, the sucrose and the Cremodan.

Pasteurise and leave to cool.

Once the mixture is 50°C add the melted chocolate.

Cool back to 4°C and leave to ripen for at least 8 hours.

Turbine and leave to set in the shock freezer.

Finishing touch

Decorate the ice cream with chocolate sauce, macarons and chocolate decorations.

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