Violet-coconut ice cream

Ice lollies with violet chocolate

Debic Bakery ice cream


Violet-coconut ice cream

760 g water

48 g maltodextrine 18

70 g glucose powder DE 38

65 g fructose

65 g dextrose

120 g sucrose

12 g stabiliser

60 g violet sugar

800 g coconut cream

Violet chocolate

700 g white chocolate

300 g cocoa butter

4 drops purple colouring


Violet-coconut ice cream

Heat the water with the milk powder, the dextrose and the egg yolks.

Once the mixture has reached 40°C, add the Debic Cream 35%, the sucrose and the Cremodan.

Pasteurise and leave to cool.

Once the mixture is 50°C add the melted chocolate.

Cool back to 4°C and leave to ripen for at least 8 hours.

Turbine and leave to set in the shock freezer.


Demould the lollies and submerge them in the chocolate.

Leave to set in the freezer.