Coffee Choc

Coffee mousse, creamy milk chocolate, lime confit, and crispy almond and praline.

100YEARS Ambassador

Anabelle Lucantonio

Pastry chef


For 15 servings

Confit of lime

125 g lime juice

15 g of granulated sugar

4 g of pectin 325 NH

Biscuit Genoa

200 g of marzipan 50%

90 g of granulated sugar

190 g of egg

65 g of flour

2 g of baking powder

Crispy almonds, praline and coffee

20 g of flour

20 g of brown sugar

20 g of Debic Cake Butter

30 g of almond powder

50 g of milk chocolate

60 g of almond praline

3 g of soluble coffee

Creamy milk chocolate

370 g of Debic Stand & Overrun

40 g of egg yolks

260 g of milk chocolate 42%

25 g of gelatin mass

Coffee mousse

345 g of whole milk

125 g of egg yolks

40 g of granulated sugar

60 g of gelatin mass

260 g of white chocolate

120 g of coffee beans

1 vanilla clove

480 g of Debic Stand & Overrun, whipped

Coffee icing

375 g of granulated sugar

300 g of water (1)

300 g of Debic Stand & Overrun

10 g of coffee extract

60 g of water (2)

25 g of potato starch

60 g of gelatin mass


Lime confit

Heat the lemon juice. At 40 °C, add sugar that has been premixed with pectin 325 NH. Boil before removing from heat.

Biscuit Genoa

Blend the marzipan, sugar, and eggs in a food processor.

Mount the preparation in a mixer bowl using a whisk.

Once the tempered mixture, gently add using a spatula previously the sifted powders.

Pour into a frame 40 x 30 cm and cook at 160° C for 15 to 20 minutes. Detail of the discs of 4 cm in diameter.

Poach lime confit diagonally on the biscuit. Set aside

Crispy almonds, praline, and coffee

Sand the butter and brown sugar in a beater bowl with a sheet. Add the almond powder, flour and fine salt. Remove from the pan and cook for 15 to 20 minutes in a ventilated oven at 160° C.

At the exit of the oven, mix the crumble in a mixer bowl with the sheet on the milk chocolate, the soluble coffee, and the almond praline.

Spread the preparation between 2 sheets of baking paper. Set aside to negative cold.

Once cooled, expand discs to 5.5 cm in diameter.

Creamy milk chocolate

Boil the cream with the egg yolks to 85° C. Pour over the milk chocolate and ground gelatin and mix.

Pour ¾ in an insert mold and close with the biscuit of Genoa. Set aside at positive cold.

Coffee mousse

Heat the milk with roasted coffee beans and vanilla clove, split and scraped. Let infuse for 4 hours. Chinoisez and turn again to heat in a saucepan.

Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and make an anglaise cream with the coffee-vanilla milk (cooking at 85°C).

Pour over the white chocolate. Add gelatin and cool to 25 ° C. Fold in the whipped cream. Set aside

Coffee frosting

Heat the sugar, water (1) and cream in a saucepan.

Dissolve the potatoe starch in the water (2) with coffee extract and pour into the pan.

Mix well and give good boiling before adding the gelatin mass. Mix and set aside at positive cold.


Poach the coffee mousse in a silicone mould, place the milk chocolate creamer insert, add coffee mousse and close with the crisping disk. Reserve for negative cold.

Finishing touch

Glaze and decorate with whipped cream and chocolate decorations.

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