Tart Pear & Timut

Almond shortbread, blackcurrant confit, pear compote, delicately mounted pepper Timut.

100YEARS Ambassador

Anabelle Lucantonio

Pastry chef


For 15 servings

Almond shortbread

374 g of Debic Cake Butter

240 g of icing sugar

132 g of whole egg

52 g of egg yolk

612 g flour

106 g of almond powder

4 g of salt

Blackcurrant confit

225 g of blackcurrant puree

30 g of granulated sugar (1)

16 g of lemon juice

25 g of granulated sugar (2)

5 g of pectin 325 NH

Almond cream

75 g of Debic Cake Butter

75 g of icing sugar

75 g whole egg

75 g of almond powder

10 g Debic Stand & Overrun

Pear compote

430 g of pears Comice

15 g of lemon juice

50 g of granulated sugar

5 g of pectin 325 NH

1 g of xanthan gum

Ganache mounted pepper Timut

300 g of Debic Stand & Overrun (1)

3 g of pepper Timut

123 g of white chocolate

37 g of gelatin mass

300 g of Debic Stand & Overrun (2)


Almond shortbread

Sand the flour, salt and butter in a mixer with the sheet. Add the icing sugar and ground almonds and finish with eggs. Reserve in the refrigerator, cover with a film.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry to 2 mm, then go into pie circles of diameter 80mm. Pre-bake in oven at 150 ° C for 7 minutes.

Blackcurrant confit

Heat the blackcurrant puree with sugar (1) and lemon juice.

At 40 ° C, add the sugar (2) previously mixed with pectin 325 NH. Boil before removing from heat.

Almond cream

Mix butter with icing sugar in the mixer with the sheet. Add the almonds powder and the eggs on low speed then finish with cream.

Poach 20 g of almond cream in the pre-cooked tart, then pour the blackcurrant confit in a swirl. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes at 160° C.

Pear compote

Cut pears into brunoise (small chunks), then heat them with the lemon juice in a saucepan.

Add pectin and xanthan gum premixed with sugar.

Boil and cool.

Ganache mounted pepper Timut

Boil the cream (1) with pepper Timut in a saucepan.

Pour over the white chocolate and gelatin and blend. Add cream (2), and blend again.

Let cool in refrigerator 12 hours before whip. Put in a pouch with a Saint-Honore tip.


In the bottom of baked pie with almond cream and blackcurrant confit, flow pear compote and smooth up.

Poach the ganache mounted on Timut pepper compote.

Finishing touch

Decorate with a little blackcurrant confit, thin slices of pears and Timut's pepper that has been ground.

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